Saturday, February 26, 2011

Prophecy Girl

Episode #12: Prophecy Girl

"You have fruit punch mouth."

This episode centers on Voldemort, who is prophecized to kill Harry Potter. Harry is young and doesn't wanna die, but he valiantly goes to his death match and somehow finds a magical loophole that allows him to defeat Voldemort.

In the previous episode, Angel delivered a codex to Giles with some prophecy about The Master. In this episode, Giles deciphers the codex and just can't believe what he sees! What is it, Giles?? Right before he turns to the camera and say, "Hello, dear viewers! I have just discovered that the codex reads..." he's interrupted by an earthquake! This, along with kittens birthing snakes and blood coming out of faucets and other creepy happenings, show that the end of the world is nigh. Well, this is according to Jenny Calendar, who Giles decides to believe because she's so so impossibly hot.

Angel comes back to talk with Giles about the codex, and Buffy overhears the dark secret: "Tomorrow night, Buffy will face The Master and she will die!"

Giles can't believe it. Angel can't believe it. But Buffy REALLY can't believe it, and there's a long scene in which Sarah Michelle Gellar Acts.

Actually, I found this whole sequence quite moving. What would a sixteen-year-old do if she found out she only had one more day to live? She goes home and begs Joyce to go on a trip with her, but can't explain that the reason is she's going to die the following day. Surprise--Joyce bought her a fancy dress for the Spring Fling! They bond. Rose gets a 'lil choked up.

Because the end of the world is nigh, Sunnydale's vampires are getting a little crazy and kill a group of teens at school. This leads to several creepy shots of Willow and Cordelia discovering their mutilated corpses.

Willow's shaken up, and Buffy realizes that she cannot avoid her sacred calling™. She sets off to confront The Master in her beautiful new Spring Fling dress, but first she has to knock out Giles because he just can't let her go. Seriously, Buffy? Your last moment with Giles and you spend it punching him in the face? So not cool.

The Anointed One finally shows us his reason for being a character on this show: it's his job to lead Buffy to The Master by tricking her, because, you know, he's a little kid and how could he be evil? But Buffy already knows that he's The Anointed and goes to The Master willingly, so really, what is the point of this kid?

I've pointedly neglected to mention the fact that Xander has been moping this whole episode because he asked Buffy out and this was her reaction:

When he finds out that Buffy is headed to The Master, he forces Angel to take him there too because he loooves Buffy so much and must make a valiant attempt to save her life because he loooves her and cares more about her than Giles or Willow because he's suuuuch a good guy. Ew.

Back at Sunnydale High, Giles, Jenny Calendar and Willow prepare for the Apocalypse. Once The Master is free, the Hellmouth will open. It turns out that the Hellmouth is located...IN THE SUNNYDALE HIGH LIBRARY/SCOOBY HEADQUARTERS! Wow, what a coincidence!

The Master kills Buffy per prophecy. He takes a big 'ol bite and then she falls face forward into a pool and drowns. And who should come and save her but...Xander! Seriously, Joss Whedon? Did this need to happen? He gives her mouth-to-mouth because Angel can't breathe, and you know he's probably so totally turned on, and then she comes to.

So, like Harry Potter, Buffy fulfills the prophecy by dying but then comes back to life so that she can go back to Sunnydale High/Hogwarts and have an epic battle with The Master Part Two and kill him. Then the Hellmouth, which is apparently a monster and not a location, emerges and has many, many heads, and they have to kill it too. After lots more killing, Buffy is teary-eyed and looking a bit Carrie in her fancy dress as a melancholic piano rendition of the theme song plays. Then Giles gets a bit teary-eyed too when she tells him that she died, saying, "I should've known that wouldn't stop you." Jesus Christ Giles, always trying to make me cry :'( :'(

Anyway, the group decide to head to The Bronze for the dance. "I'm hungry!" says Willow. "I like your dress," says Angel. And that, friends, is the end of season one.

Favorite moment: Cordelia drives her car through Sunnydale High and into the library to avoid vampires. Guess witch-induced blindness wasn't the only reason she failed her driver's test in episode 3.

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